The tunnels daytrip (Isabela - Galapagos)

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Tours included

 Isabela - Galápagos
(5 hours, snack and wetsuit)
The most spectacular site for scuba diving in Isabela Island. A series of lava flows have produced unique geological formations tunnels underneath and above the water. This place is the home for hundred of Galapagos Species. In this tour you can see tootles, sharks, sea horses, Stingray and many other animals that will amaze your view. The best time to visit the tunnels is between January and May.
The local tour Operator will pick you up early in the morning around 6:30 to take you to the main the office. There, you will wear you snorkel staff and your wetsuit. The boat will depart at 7AM from the harbour. Then, a 30 min boat will take you to a 30 min walking place where you can see Albatros, Flamingos, Blue Footed Boobies, the magnificent frigate bird, are on the banks. Then, the journey continue for 20 more minutes until you reach Cabo Rosa (tunnels place). Its a shadow calm place perfect for snorkelling. There are two entrances, depending on the sea they choose one or another. 
Around 10AM you will start with the snorkelling for around 90 minutes. A guide will show you all the animals and you can take pictures and sport sharks, sea turtles stingray, sea horses and hundreds of fishes. Then a small snack is served and around 1PM the journey back to the harbour will start. You will come back around 2PM.

There are another schedule leaving at 11AM and returning at 4PM.