The best sunsets in Galapagos

                                                The beaches of Galapagos are well-known in Ecuador and across the world for their scenic beauty and the presence of their friendly endemic animals. During the day, visitors come to these beaches to enjoy nature, the sun, the sea and the sand. However, one of the most spectacular events occurs at sunset. The beauty of the Galapagos beaches is maximized when the sun goes down. The sunset adds a great variety of colors to the already beautiful coastal landscape. This etches the scene in the memory and soul of the visitors.

Playa Mann (More info)
Punta Carola (More info)

Tortuga Bay (More info)

Puerto Villamil's Beach (More info)

Puerto Velazco Ibarra's Beach 

                                                        Visitors can reach these beaches by walking from any of the ports.
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