Isabela island Galapagos

                                                Isabela is the largest island in the Galápagos. However, it is the second smallest in terms of population. Isabela hosts the urban parish of Puerto Villamil and the rural parish of Tomás de Berlanga. Puerto Villamil is well known in the Galapagos for its natural beauty, where the scenery of its beach stands out. This beach is the largest in the Galápagos and extends over 2 km, covering a distance greater than the length of the town. Characterized by its white sand and crystal clear water, this beach offers ideal sites for bathers, surfers or simply for those who wish to walk and enjoy the sun. Additionally, on this beach you can spot sea lions and marine iguanas, as well as countless species of birds. The sunset landscape is one of the most iconic of the Galápagos Islands.
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