Floreana island - Galapagos

                                                Floreana Island was one of the first to be inhabited in Galapagos. The multiple attempts of colonization date from century XIX and have conferred this small island with a very interesting history. Today, Puerto Velazco Ibarra in Floreana is the smallest human settlement in the Galapagos with less than 200 inhabitants. This port, characterized by a dark sand beach, is a rural parish of San Cristóbal Canton.
Among the most iconic places are Post Office, which is a wooden barrel on the beach that used to work as a mailbox. Here the inhabitants left and picked up the correspondence that the captains of the boats delivered every few months. Other popular sites include the Corona del Diablo and Punta Cormorant for snorkeling and diving, and the Asilo de la Paz for hiking.
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