Daytrip "Tour 360" San Cristobal Galapagos

                                                This trip makes a 360 loop around the island in a boat or speed boat visiting several coastal areas mainly and some stops for snorkeling or beach time. Snorkeling is the main activity and expert and skillful local fishermen will take you to their traditional spots such as Fresh Water bay, Rosa Blanca (beach,walk,snorkeling), Punta Pitt (boat ride), Bahia Sardina (beach,snorkeling), Punta Pucuna (walk,snorkeling), Cerro Brujo( boat ride), Kicker Rock (snorkeling) among others. Depending on the conditions, You can also experience vivencial fishing and if the luck is on your side you might catch a good tuna, albacore or wahoo that may be prepared at any local restaurant.
Rate USD $
Price from: 140.00
Price to: 180.00

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