Mann beach - San Cristobal Ecuador

                                                Playa Mann is a small but beautiful beach on the outskirts of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Here visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and sea accompanied by friendly sea lions. In addition to being a popular beach in San Cristóbal, Playa Mann is visited by surfing and snorkelling lovers. At the south end of the beach, visitors can find kiosks that serve seafood as well as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The mixture of the urban and natural landscape in Playa Mann are a clear example of the socio-ecological character of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

From Playa Mann there are well marked trails to the Interpretation Center, Punta Carola Beach and Las Tijeretas. Generally, tourists visit these three sites first and stop at Playa Mann to watch the sunset after a long day of walking and swimming.

All trails from Playa Mann are paved. It is recommended that tourists do not leave the trails, do not bother or feed the sea lions, use sunscreen, wear a cap or hat and bring water to hydrate since there are no shops after Playa Mann.
Avenida Alsacio Northia
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