Devil's nose

                                                The journey from Alausí to Sibambe by train is known as "La nariz del Diablo" or Devil's nose, part of the trans-Andean Ecuadorian railway system that once linked Quito with Guayaquil. Today only used for tourist purposes. Considered one of the most difficult railway routes ever built. A jewel of engineering in 1902 with a brilliant idea to descend the railway in a zig-zag shape over 750 meters of rock. Many died in its construction.

The trip consists of a train journey from Alausí -Sibambe - Alausí with a one-hour stop in Sibambe for a cultural presentation, visit Museo Condor Puñuna, Activities (Café del Tren). There are three schedules 8am, 11am, and 3pm duaracioón of the route 2 and a half hours 12Km. The tour includes gruanza More information and purchase of tickets in:
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